Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply for enrollment in any Good Startups programs. 


1.1 “Intellectual Property” means patents, trade marks, service marks, registered designs, applications for any of the foregoing, copyright, design rights, know-how, trade secrets, confidential information, trade and business names and any other similar protected rights in any country.

1.2 “the Program” means the Good Startups program in which you have enrolled.

1.3 “Good Startups Confidential Information” means the Program, Good Startups Intellectual Property, other Good Startups products, services, any Good Startups business, strategic and financial information, the existence and terms of these Terms and Conditions and any and all other information or material identified in writing prior to disclosure as confidential and proprietary to Good Startups or its licensors or other providers, including without limitation any copies, translations, improvements, revisions or embodiments of all the foregoing.

1.4 “Good Startups Intellectual Property” means the Intellectual Property embodied in or relating to the Program and Good Startups Materials, and any and all translations, modifications, enhancements, improvements or corrections, of or to any and all of the foregoing.

1.5 “Good Startups Materials” means certain audio, video, multimedia and printed products and other materials for individual or group use, including without limitation, in the delivery of the Program.


2.1 Ownership. You agree:

  1. that all rights, title and interest in and to Good Startups Intellectual Property are and shall remain the property of Good Startups or its licensors and you shall have no rights or interests therein except as set forth in these Terms and Conditions;
  2. that you will not claim or assert any right or title to any Good Startups Intellectual Property or attempt to wrongfully transfer such right or title to any third parities;
  3. that you are acquiring only a limited license to use the Good Startups Materials;
  4. that you may duplicate Good Startups Materials, at no additional charge, but only for your use in connection with the Program and only so long as all required proprietary markings are retained on all duplicated copies;
  5. to conform to all guidelines for the use of Good Startups Intellectual Property (including the Good Startups name and logo);
  6. that you shall not remove or destroy any proprietary markings or proprietary legends placed upon or contained within the Good Startups Materials.

2.2 Limited License. For each item of Good Startups Materials received by you, Good Startups grants you, and you shall have, a nonexclusive license to use the Good Startups Materials solely in connection with the Program in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

2.3 No Implied License. The license granted in these Terms and Conditions shall not be construed to confer any rights upon you by implication, estoppel or otherwise as to any intellectual property not identified in these Terms and Conditions, except as otherwise implied by law to the extent necessary to use Good Startups Intellectual Property.


3.1 Treatment of Confidential Information. Except as otherwise provided hereunder, during the term of these Terms and Conditions and thereafter for the duration of the license granted hereunder plus 5 years you shall retain in confidence and use only for purposes of these Terms and Conditions Good Startups Confidential Information.

For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, all information and data that you are obligated to retain in confidence shall be called “Confidential Information.”

3.2 Right to Disclose. To the extent that it is reasonably necessary to fulfill your obligations or exercise your rights under these Terms and Conditions, or any rights which survive termination or expiration hereof, you may disclose Confidential Information to your legal advisors, outside contractors, and actual or prospective investors on condition that such entities or persons agree to:

(a) keep the Confidential Information confidential for at least a period of five (5) years from the date of disclosure and otherwise to the same extent as you are required to keep the Confidential Information confidential; and

(b) use the Confidential Information only for those purposes for which you are authorized to use the Confidential Information.

You may disclose Confidential Information to governmental or other regulatory authorities to the extent that such disclosure (i) is necessary or desirable for the prosecution and enforcement of intellectual property rights, provided you are then otherwise entitled to engage in such activities in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, or (ii) is legally required.

3.3 Exceptions. The obligation not to disclose or use Confidential Information shall not apply to any part of such Confidential Information that:

  1. is or becomes patented, published or otherwise part of the public domain, other than by your unauthorized acts, or in contravention of these Terms and Conditions; or
  2. is disclosed to you by a third party provided that such Confidential Information was not obtained by such third party directly or indirectly from Good Startups; or
  3. prior to disclosure under these Terms and Conditions, was already in your possession provided that such Confidential Information was not obtained directly or indirectly from Good Startups; or
  4. results from research and development by you independent of disclosures from Good Startups, provided that you have not had exposure to the Confidential Information received from Good Startups; or
  5. is required by law to be disclosed by you, provided that in the case of disclosure in connection with any litigation, you use reasonable efforts to notify Good Startups immediately upon learning of such requirement in order to give Good Startups reasonable opportunity to oppose such requirement; or
  6. Good Startups agrees in writing may be disclosed.

3.4 Non-Disclosure. You agree not to disclose to any third party the financial terms of these Terms and Conditions without the prior written consent of Good Startups, except to advisors, investors and others on a need-to-know basis under circumstances that reasonably ensure the confidentiality thereof, or to the extent required by law. Without limitation upon any provision of these Terms and Conditions, you shall be responsible for the observance by your employees of the foregoing confidentiality and non-disclosure obligations, and shall indemnify Good Startups against any loss or damage which Good Startups may sustain or incur as a result of any breach of confidence by any of your employees.


You shall hold harmless and indemnify Good Startups and Good Startups' agents, employees, contractors, directors and officers from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, proceedings, costs and expenses resulting from, arising out of or in connection with any act or failure to act on your part or that of your agents, employees, contractors, directors and officers in connection with or arising out of these Terms and Conditions or the delivery of the Program or the use of any of the Good Startups Intellectual Property or by breach of these Terms and Conditions by you.


  1. You understand that your email address will be used by the trainer and course participants as a means of communication during the Program. You also acknowledge that you are prohibited from emailing other Program participants, existing coaches or Good Startups staff with any sales or promotional material or offers and that any email correspondence will be solely in the context of the Program. Should you receive unsolicited, non training specific emails from trainers or other participants, please report immediately to hello@goodstartups.com


  1. I agree to pay Good Startups the full program fee for the training according to the pricing agreed in my enrollment/registration application, unless Good Startups agrees to an alternative payment arrangement.
  2. I understand that my enrollment is only confirmed when I have made full payment to secure my registration on the program.
  3. I understand that I am entitled to the early bird tuition fee only if I enrol in the program before the specified date in the enrollment/registration form, and by paying the fees in full before the expiry of the early bird offer.
  4. I understand that the standard program fee shall apply if I enroll in the course after the early bird offer expires, or if I fail to make the early bird program payment before the offer expires. The full, standard program fee is due and payable prior to the course commencement.


  1. I understand that I can transfer my enrollment to a later intake with a transfer fee as follows:
    (i) A transfer fee of 10% of the program standard cost including applicable taxes, if transfer is notified more than 14 days prior to course commencement date.
    (ii) A transfer fee of 20% of the program standard cost including applicable taxes, if transfer is notified less than 14 days prior to course commencement date.
  2. I am aware that a request to transfer must be made prior to the course commencement date, and any transfer resulting in a deferral of attendance is valid for 6 months upon Good Startups’ acknowledgment of transfer request.
  3. I understand that in the event that Good Startups needs to transfer my registration to another intake of the same course or change the schedule, there shall be no additional costs incurred to me specifically by Good Startups. I will also not hold Good Startups liable for the change in schedule and for any subsequent costs that may occur due to the change in schedule.


  1. I am aware that if I withdraw my enrollment more than 14 days prior to the course commencement date, program fees paid less 10% shall be refunded.
  2. I am aware that if I withdraw my enrollment less than 14 days prior to the course commencement date, program fees paid less 20% shall be refunded.
  3. I understand that if I withdraw my enrollment after the program has commenced and my fees are fully paid, and less than 50% of the program has been attended, the refund will be calculated based on a prorated method of deducting the training sessions attended from the amount that Good Startups received for my program fees.
  4. I understand that if I withdraw my enrollment from the course after attending 50% or more of the program, no refund shall be given to me.
  5. I am aware that if I am asked to leave the program for violating polices and procedures, I will not be entitled to any refund.
  6. I understand it is my responsibility to notify Good Startups at hello@goodstartups.com if I wish to withdraw from the program I have enrolled in.
  7. I am aware that a refund must be requested in writing to Good Startups at hello@goodstartups.com within 30 days of my withdrawal of the program. I am aware that Good Startups will require 40 working days from the day my withdrawal notice is received to process my refund application.


  1. I acknowledge that the program may be personally, emotionally and physically challenging for me and there may be occasions on which I will feel emotional challenges including frustration, annoyance or stress. I agree that I am physically, mentally and emotionally fit for it.
  2. I will not hold Good Startups liable for any loss or cost or damages incurred by me (or any person related to me) in the event of mental, physical, emotional stress or distress (or other ailment or condition) caused either directly or indirectly in relation to this program. I will indemnify Good Startups in the event of any such claim.
  3. I acknowledge that my attendance at the training is a necessary aspect to complete the course. I am aware of the minimum 75% attendance requirement.
  4. I am aware that it is my responsibility to dial in to the online classes from a computer or smartphone app and Good Startups or the conference service provider engaged by Good Startupsis not responsible for poor line quality caused by the telecommunication infrastructure of the country I am dialing from.
  5. I give Good Startups permission to use my email and phone contact information for course related purposes. I understand that the course trainers and participants will use my contact details as a mean of communication during the course and I agree to use the contact details of the other course participants only for the purpose of communication related to the training.
  6. I understand that the authorised personnel of  Good Startups have the right to remove me from the training if I violate policies and procedures that will compromise the learning of other participants.


  1. You must successfully complete all components of the program to receive your certificate of completion.
  2. All costs related to undertaking this training program as well as homework are the responsibility of participants.


Notwithstanding any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, the provisions of Sections 2, 3, 4 and 5 shall survive termination or expiration of these Terms and Conditions.