Breakthrough Program for Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME's)

OUR DYNAMIC GROUP Coaching PROGRAM FOR Entrepreneurs provides LIVE ONLINE coaching that is TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE.

The longer you want to grow and maintain your company, the more you need to grow personally. As such, the Breakthrough Program provides the most important business development and mindset transformation tools required to create a thriving and sustainable small to medium-sized enterprise. 

As a participant in Breakthrough, you will develop the tools, skills, and self-mastery needed to operate at a sustainably high level of performance, which results in enhanced leadership, wellbeing, and overall local and global impact.



Entrepreneurship is an up and down roller coaster ride that sometimes pushes us to the edge. The best entrepreneurs recognize that on the journey of entrepreneurship, there will be a number of breakdown to breakthrough moments, and having a support system to navigate these moments is a competitive advantage, not a weakness. Our coaching gives you the tools to be the balanced and resilient leader your business needs you to be.



We begin with a comprehensive self assessment to uncover blind spots and celebrate bright spots in relation to your performance and wellbeing. Our assessment is designed and developed by our team of executive coaches, scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs. 

Then for three months, you get together every week with your peers for a live online training. You will be joined by 1-2 of our Breakthrough coaches who will guide everyone in learning new key skills and how to integrate them into your life through experiential and practical business-focused exercises. The sessions last 90 minutes, leaving plenty of time for deep discussion and exploration. 

To keep you in flow throughout the course, micro-content will be sent direct to your email weekly. In addition we invite you to learn from the experience of your peers and hold each other accountable for your progress by participating in a 90 minute taster of our Founder Forums


WHAT types of breakthroughs should i expect?

Our team of serial entrepreneurs, executive coaches, and scientists have been working with entrepreneurs at all stages of development and have found that whether entrepreneurs are struggling, sustaining, or thriving, they all share a handful of common challenges that significantly affect performance and wellbeing.

When you breakthrough in the following areas, everything becomes possible as you step into self-mastery and a level of performance you previously deemed impossible. 

Key Transformation: Expand your TIME

From time starvation to time abundance. Learn how to move beyond the old belief system that you must work yourself to the bone to accomplish your mission.  We'll work on expanding your capacity to create by capitalizing on mental states that alter our perspectives on time, failure, and inspiration. 

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Key Transformation: Transform your FEAR

From fear and stress to trust and expanded creativity. Discover how fear is affecting us on physical, mental, and emotional levels and learn how to transform this to creative power, new possibilities, and clear decision making while improving your health and wellbeing.

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Foundational knowledge in leadership psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence as you understand how these fields influence your behavior and decision making in the workplace.

Techniques that can mitigate and prevent fear-based decision making, stress, burnout, time mismanagement, and communication breakdowns.

Tools to implement with your team to build core areas of organizational and personal awareness, holistic management, and mindfulness-based leadership.

Integrative practices to weave into your weekly routine in order to deepen your learning and mastery, during and after the program duration.

Peer engagement & support methods to allow you to interact with other small business leaders to learn from each others’ entrepreneurial experience.


WHO we coach?

Small to medium-sized business owners who want to create a company culture of success and wellbeing, starting with their own self mastery.

Founders and key leaders of social enterprises and non-profits looking to enhance their management capabilities and effectively interact with their team.

Team members looking to enhance their performance, experience daily wellbeing, and empathize with the challenges of owning and leading a small to medium-sized enterprise. 



Justin Milano, Co-Founder & Executive Coach

Justin helps mindful entrepreneurs build exceptional companies. As a serial entrepreneur and certified leadership coach, Justin uses a unique blend of business and leadership coaching to help entrepreneurs create breakthrough and fulfil their maximum potential.


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Breakthrough Program Info & Cost

Comprehensive self assessment to uncover blind spots and bright spots in relation to your leadership and performance. Our partners at top universities will track your progress.

1x per week live online 90 minute trainings accessed from anywhere with an internet connection - no travel time or expensive in-person workshops.

Micro-content sent directly to your email and on-demand practice tools that you can access anywhere, anytime. All learning styles accommodated (audio, visual, kinesthetic).

Learn from the experience of your peers and hold each other accountable for your progress by participating in a 90 minute taster of our Founder Forums.

Once you complete the Breakthrough Program, you will receive special pricing for our ongoing coach-moderated Founder Forums and individual executive coaching.    


The price for the 3-month Breakthrough program is USD $450, paid in three separate monthly payments of $150. If you pay upfront, you can enjoy a 10% discount on the total cost.  



United States

Every Tuesday starting July 18th, 2017
2pm Pacific time
5pm Eastern time


Every Wednesday starting July 19th, 2017
9am New Zealand time

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself.
— Rumi