Personalized Blind Spot Report + Micro-Learning

Our platform allows your founders to identify their bright and blind spots with laser precision. Even better, once they identify their blind spots, we help address them through our personalized micro-learning program.

The way it works is our platform sends two actionable insights each week, starting with the most critical blind spots, and then completing once all areas that require attention have been addressed.

The micro-learning program was designed to provide a scalable learning solution in a world where according to Deloitte, the average person has 18 minutes per week to learn.


Measure Individual & Organizational Progress

Our platform allows individuals and team leaders to easily measure progress and learning ROI. Simply choose two time periods (e.g. quarterly, custom dare ranges) and our software will automatically showcase which areas are improving, and which areas still require attention.

Too often learning & development programs fall short due to their inability to demonstrate progress to key stakeholders. We built this functionality not only to satisfy your stakeholders, but also to hold our team accountable. What keeps us going is knowing that what we offer actually works.


Expert Videos & Write-Ups

Each category we measure includes videos and write-ups by our team of organizational experts, executive coaches, and scientists to help you and your team understand the results. Everything we measure is based on decades of evidenced-based research on the tools that allow leaders and team members to thrive personally and professionally.

If you don’t have time to watch all the videos or read the write-ups do not worry, they are included as part of the micro-learning so you can digest in small doses.

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