Here is a snapshot of recent scientific results we generated with 75 global founders. Good Startups quantitative results demonstrated dramatic improvements in core leadership skills around adaptability, growth mindset, effectuation (decision making under pressure), and organizational efficacy. With the most impressive self-reported gains coming in the areas of Psychological Adaptability (+30.4%), Self Compassion/Growth Mindset (+23.75%), Fear & Decision Making (+17.60%), Time Management (+17.25%), Burnout Resistance (+16.40%), and Emotional Intelligence (+15.30%). These are all cornerstone areas that directly relate to leadership ability, personal well being, and strong psychological resilience in the face of a stressful work environment.

It is clear that by practicing and mastering the Breakthrough skills and mindsets, participants can more effectively navigate hyper growth business environments with resilience and integrity.


Stay tuned in 202 as we release the largest study ever done on founder wellbeing called the Founder Wellbeing Index.
This will be an annual report similar to McKinsey’s Women in the Workplace report.

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