What Others Are Saying...


"The entrepreneurs journey is as much about battling our own dragons (fears, pressures, insecurities, etc.) as it is about external product/market fit, competitive advantage, etc. While many resources exist for sales force optimization, talent recruiting, fundraising and other core areas, few exist to address these other even more critical factors affecting founders and their teams. Good Startups brings a rare mixture of leading theory with real world experience and DNA to provide startups the support they need to succeed in even the most trying situations. For companies that embrace and master these, they will have a significant competitive advantage over their competitors."

Matt McCall

"I recommend Good Startups to any business owner, regardless of size or industry. The focus on an entrepreneur’s mental and emotional health is truly something that needs to be addressed, and the crew at Good Startups has tackled it head-on. I have been able to use this training not only in my business, but in my personal life as well. I truly believe that the Breakthrough Program will be a must-have for entrepreneurs in the near future, and I consider myself lucky to have been one of the early adopters."

Mitch, CEO Divvy Up Socks

"As an investor, I often see entrepreneurs and leaders neglecting the emotional and psychological realities of running a business. The Breakthrough program addresses these realities head on and provides a step-by-step approach to being a more balanced and resilient leader. The small investment of time and money is worth it, and I am thrilled that this type of support system is now available."

Emilio Diez Barroso, Co-Chairman Nala Investments & Partner XPRIZE Bold Fund

"The Breakthrough program exceeded my expectations. I have already begun teaching these tools to my wife and colleagues."

Vince Siciliano, CEO New Resource Bank

"Having been through the entrepreneurial journey a couple of times I know well the risk of burn-out, both from personal experience and having witnessed so many capable and passionate people run out of steam while trying to make a difference, occasionally with tragic results. Good Startup's Breakthrough program combines the latest understandings from the cognitive sciences with entrepreneurial insights based on experience and a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs. I've learned so much and feel better equipped to take on whatever comes next for me and my company."

Tom Dawkins CEO StartSomeGood