Recommended for: Any organization that works with founders

Goal: Bring insight and awareness to your founders by unlocking the power of our Individual Assessment for all the founders in your ecosystem.

Bootstrap Partnership includes:

- Individual Assessment licenses for all founders in your ecosystem to help them identify bright spots and blind spots with laser precision.

- Micro-content delivered electronically to each founder to help them address their blind spots.

Price: $500/year

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Recommended for: Angel and Venture Capital Funds

Goal: Individual Assessment for all founders in your ecosystem, plus aggregate insights for your organization on the health of your portfolio.

Angel Partnership Includes:

- All Bootstrapping Benefits

+ Ecosystem Assessment license to see aggregate results of all founders in your community

+ Call with the Good Startups Team to analyze results.

Price: $2500/year



Recommended for: Accelerators, Incubators, and Co-working spaces

Goal: Individual assessment for founders, Ecosystem Assessment for your organization, and the ability to offer Breakthrough to your founders.

Seed Partnership Includes:

- All Angel Benefits

+ Train one person to facilitate the Breakthrough Program.

+ License to use the Breakthrough Program curriculum to bring transformation to your founders.

Price: $5000/year

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Series A

Recommended for: Government Organizations and Founder Networks

Goal: Individual assessment for founders, Special Network Assessment for Your Organization, and Breakthrough Program offered by our team.

Series A Partnership Includes:

- All Seed benefits.

+ Customized Network Assessment and Report.

+ Customized training and interventions for your community led by the Good Startups Team.

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