We work with your Organization to ensure your founders develop the foundational
self awareness tools to thrive.

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Price: $250/year

price: $3000/year

Price: $1000/year

Community Champion
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Recommended for:
Any organization that works
with founders

Unlock the power of Good Startups for all the founders in your ecosystem.

Friend Partnership Includes:

+ Recognition as a partner in our Founder Wellbeing Index and on our website.

+ Discount on all Good Startups Products for your members and revenue share from all purchases made by your members. 

+ Revenue share on all purchases made by network members.

+ Opportunity to host Awareness Workshops to jump start overall local involvement and wellbeing.


Recommended for:
Chambers, Coworking Spaces and Venture Capital Funds

Individual Assessment for all founders in your ecosystem, plus aggregate insights for your organization on the health of your portfolio.

Investor Partnership

All Friend Benefits

+ Individual Assessments and Micro Content for founders to identify bright spots and blind spots with laser precision. 

+ Ecosystem Assessment license to see aggregate results of all founders in your community

+ Call with the Good Startups Team to analyze results.


Recommended for: Accelerators, Incubators, and Co-working spaces

Individual Assessment for founders, Ecosystem Assessment for your organization, and the ability to offer Breakthrough to your founders.

CoFounder Partnership

+ All Investor Benefits

+ License to offer the Concentra Community (Breakthrough and Circles) in person to your founders.

+ Train one person annually to facilitate the Concentra Community locally.


Recommended for:
Government Organizations and Founder Networks

Individual assessment for founders, Special Network Assessment for Your Organization, and Breakthrough Program offered by our team.

Community Champion Partnership

+ All CoFounder Benefits

+ Customized Network Assessment and Report.

+ Customized training and interventions for your community led by the Good Startups Team.

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