Our custom community survey will give you deep insights at every level of your network.

If you're a global network of accelerators, investment funds, or entrepreneurial network,, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to check in on the health of your network. We will design our 18-outcome survey to suit your needs and show you the bright spots and critical blind spots of your entire community at country, city, company, and team levels. You'll receive invaluable insights that will allow you to see which levels of your network need special attention.

How It Works

You'll work with our team to let us know how your community is structured, and we'll create a custom report so that you can keep track of how everyone is doing right now. Visualize your data by country, city, organization, team, title, or any other category that you feel would be most helpful for your insights. You'll have the opportunity to use our platform to reassess your founders at different times throughout the year, so that you can recognize key organizational patterns that require your attention.

How This Benefits Your Community

As a group managing multiple organizations, it's easy to lose track of founder and ecosystem needs. By including accurate data tracking in your community, you'll be able to bring sinking ships back to the surface before its too late. This is your opportunity to see the areas where everyone is thriving, barely maintaining, or are in critical need of support.

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