The Four Fear Melters - Video Demonstrations

More candy for those kinesthetic or body-based learners out there.

Here are four easy to use fear melters designed by Dr. Kathlyn Hendricks to help navigate fear in the moment.

  1. Flee - When you feel like you want to exit the building (e.g. public speaking), try rooting your feet into the ground like a redwood tree.
  2. Freeze - When you notice yourself frozen and you stop breathing, simply wiggle and shake it off.
  3. Fight - When you notice the urge to react quickly or fight, breathe and move slowly. 
  4. Faint - When you faint and go numb, that is an indication that it's time to welcome your fear. 

All of these were designed to interrupt the fear response pattern. For examples, go ahead and watch the videos below. 

Cheers - The Good Startups Team 

Flee > Redwood

Freeze > Shake it off 

Fight > Slow Motion

Faint > Lean in & Welcome