How is Fear Effecting Your Leadership Culture?

Are you choosing to be a leader who acts like a hero, that you don't need support with key decisions or tasks? If so you’re not only on the fast track to burnout, but you’re also limiting your team’s development by robbing them of the opportunity to lean in and solve key problems.

You have the opportunity to shift this right now, and get on a more sustainable footing with your challenges and your team.

The way to do this is by letting everyone on the team take their 100 percent responsibility for whatever is happening. Here’s how it works: In fear-based leadership cultures, responsibility is something that is assigned and divided up. For any given task, certain people are responsible for a certain portion of the task. And, if this go wrong, well, they get to share in the blame.

In healthy teams, responsibility is not assigned or divided, it’s claimed by everyone with an interest in the outcome. Each person involved in the task has a different role, but each person has 100 percent responsibility for their role and for doing what they can to create success.

Leaders often believe that since they are the leader, they should take more of the responsibility. This leads them to take more than 100 percent, while others get to take less. To get out of hero mode, ask yourself where you are taking more than your 100 percent responsibility and then who is going to have to take on more so that everyone is only taking 100 percent.