How Expectations Affect Decision Making

Hello Everyone,

Here's an important question to ask yourself as the leader of your company. How are my expectations for how I think things "should be" affecting the decisions I make each day? 

When we are working with leaders, often times one of the biggest challenges we face is the leader's pre-conceived ideals and expectations. The leaders have certain visions for how they want the world to be, and when things get in the way of those visions, it causes them suffering and further challenges.

Today we invite you to try on something different. We'd like you to experiment and flow with whatever's occurring in your company, and try letting go of your expectations and outcomes for how you think things should be. Instead, open up to "how do things want to be?" What actually wants to happen here?

Are there some new customers that maybe you're not thinking of? Is there a new investor who wants to come in right now that's more aligned with your type of business? 

These are important questions to ask. Often times by questioning our deepest assumptions, we generate strong breakthroughs and see a whole different path for the company to move forward that is often the path to expansion, growth and better overall alignment with your mission.

Your ability to let go of your attachments will dramatically improve your decision-making, one of your greatest entrepreneurial skill sets. 

Cheers to new creative possibilities - The Good Startups Team