Get Hungry for Setbacks & Devour the Learning Opportunities

This short video will give you some tips on how to get into a more active learning stance in the face of whatever surprises confront you.

The essence of success is learning. Nowhere is this more true than in the startup world, where entrepreneurs have very little market data, not much in the way of products and perhaps only minimal leadership experience.

To make up for that, successful entrepreneurs become fast learners. Most of us know this intellectually, but it becomes a lot harder to practice when things are not going well. Everyone is happy to take feedback from satisfied customers, but what about when things are going south, the product is not working as planned and users are upset?

That's when the extraordinary learners get to prove their worth. They drop defensiveness and make curiosity their number-one priority.

Want to know the practical applications for all this? Check out Eric Ries’s entrepreneurial classic “The Lean Startup,” which puts iterative learning at the heart of the product development process.

Here’s to more curiosity!