One Deep Breath

Ever get that feeling that the day is getting away from you? Or perhaps you’re beginning to feel scattered and frantic. Ever wish you could just stop for a second and get reorganized?

You don’t have to drop out of your day, take a vacation or head to the bar to regain your composure. There’s a simple and effective tool for refining focus that you have access to 24/7, for free. It’s your breath. Yup, science tells us again and again that we can use our breath to deepen focus, regain emotional balance and even enhance the quality of our thinking.

This short audio will show you how you can use your breathing to work more effectively. You can do it in just a few seconds and no one even needs to know you're doing it!

Now focused breathing is not magic, and like most new skills it requires practice to make it effective. So after listening to the audio, consider setting up a practice schedule to focus on your breathing throughout the day for a week or two, then notice what effect it’s having.

Enjoy exploring the power of your breath.