Synchronicity Expands Time

Hello Everyone,

Today we're talking about how synchronicity can expand our time.

Often times as entrepreneurs and leaders, we think that every single day we need to be rushing around, doing things, getting things done, and that that's the way that we're going to be able to accomplish all our goals. Things like recruiting team members and building strategic partnerships with organizations that can help your company take a big leap forward.

One thing I want to offer you is that sometimes the best ways to be able to move your company forward is to actually do nothing, and to take time for yourself away from the day-to-day work items. 

As an example of this, in our company, I met all three of our senior leaders while I was journeying across the world to places like Bhutan, Peru, and Brazil. Never in a million years had I considered that I would be doing business in places like Bhutan, yet when I was there I met a top venture capitalist who's one of our dear friends and an amazing partner in our company today.

When I was in Peru, we were looking to hire a new team member, and out of nowhere I met a former executive from NBC named Tim, who's now part of our senior management team. 

All of this is to say that when we take time away from the business of work, we often make huge leaps forward on critical business areas like fundraising, strategic partnerships, and team recruitment. Today we invite you to let synchronicity do it's work for you.

Cheers - Justin