Reserve High Bandwidth Times

Hello everyone,

If you have not already done so after the live presentations, take a few moments right now to block out the times in your calendar when you normally feel the most energized and creative. If you are like me, this could be mornings from 9-11 a.m after I am done with my morning meditation and exercise. For some of my clients who have kids, it's 9-11 p.m. where they enjoy quiet time and can more easily get into flow states.  

Once you discover the times where you feel most creative and vital, reserve these times for your most important priorities (e.g. sales, fundraising, product, leadership development, team culture.). For those times you don't feel high energy, focus on more mundane tasks like e-mail or slack. 

Your ability to reserve high bandwidth times and track your energy will have a significant impact on your productivity. 

Cheers - Justin