Top Three Distractors

It’s one thing to be distracted — that’s a problem. It’s another thing to know you’re distracted and how it is you are distracting yourself — that means there is the possibility for positive change.

To support you in shifting from distraction to focus, we've got a short inventory for you to fill out that will help you identify your top three distractions. Here’s the link to it.

Once you’ve done the inventory, you’ll be armed with a powerful change tool: self-knowledge. When you see what your major distractors are, you have a choice. You can choose to keep doing the same thing (yup, even doing nothing is a choice). Chances are you don’t want to be distracted and you’ve already put a lot of effort into being less distracted. And, the results show that you've had limited success. 

So we don’t recommend doing more of the same. Instead, armed with the knowledge of the top ways you distract yourself, can you think of some new ways to limit or eliminate at least one of those distractions over the next week?

Some ideas:

  • Delegate that distracting task to someone else.
  • Tell people you don’t want to hear about the distracting issue any more, until it’s solved.
  • Create time locks in your schedule to focus on the thing that distraction is getting in the way of.
  • When you notice you are drifting into one of these distractions, get up, move around and breathe deeply. Then re-apply yourself to the task at hand.
  • Create a contest for yourself: what is the least number of times you can engage in your top distractors this week? Low number wins (you can even compete with others on your team, or friends in other organizations).

Whatever you decide to do to break the grip of your top distractors, gauge your progress and celebrate success when you’ve lessened your distraction time.

Have fun!