Appreciation Fuels Achievement

Appreciation is a powerful way to move out of fear and into creativity. That’s because it moves the attention from ourselves and onto something or someone else that we value. Developing a robust practice of appreciation is a powerful tool for maintaining creativity and productivity in the face of challenging or new situations. Plus, it’s a great way to increase connection with others.

Here’s how you can move from fear to appreciation:

  • First, notice when you are feeling stuck, anxious, procrastinating or out or sorts — chances are it’s fear creeping up on you.
  • Then, take a big, slow breath and think or something you appreciate. It helps if it’s something you are directly experiencing in the moment. So instead of thinking about last summer’s vacation trip, notice the comfort of the chair you're sitting in, or the passionate way your colleague is defending her position, or the feel of your sweater on your arms.
  • Tune in for a moment on the specifics of what you appreciate about this thing, not just a general “that’s awesome” moment, but get really granular.
  • After a moment or two or that, give a big exhale and move on.
  • Notice if you feel any different.
  • Repeat as often as you like.