Introduction to Micro-Content

Hello Creators of Goodness,

I wanted to take a minute or so to give you an introduction as to why this micro content is so important. As you're taking the Breakthrough Program, every week we're getting together and learning all sorts of new skills that can dramatically change your experience of being entrepreneurs, leaders and human beings.

What's important is not just learning new skills, but also practicing new skills and generating new, healthy habits. What the research shows is that it usually takes 50 to 70 times of doing something to be able to establish a new habit, and to actually change the neuroplasticity in your brain.

With this knowledge we designed the micro-content is to fit your busy lifestyle. Every morning as you start your day you will receive short 60 to 90-second videos or quick exercises that will support you in integrating these new skills.

By following this micro content on a day-by-day basis, over the course of time you're going to generate new habits that are going to support you in operating in much friendlier ways throughout your day-to-day life.

Cheers to your wellbeing, and looking forward to the journey ahead...