Generating Breakthroughs: Tip #1 & 2


 One area that entrepreneurs are always focused on, which is an important area, is establishing product to market fit. I love when people say, "Have I established product market fit?" If you're asking the question whether you have or not, then the answer is clearly, "No. You haven't".

Once you've established product/market fit, your life becomes a bit nutty and your biggest challenge then becomes, "How can I keep up with all this increase in customer demand? How can I build the systems and teams to support this influx of demand?"

And here's the thing... most start-ups don't end up finding product/market fit. This is why 90% of start-ups fizzle out and fail, because they haven't found a product or service that customers really need or want.

As you go through Breakthrough and explore your fears and anxieties, attachments, time management, and underlying motivations, we invite you to focus your attention on these important questions:

  1. How, by learning these tools, can I expedite my path to product market fit? 
  2. If you have achieved product/market fit, "How can I then use these insights to be able to support the expansion that's already happening within my company?"

As you deepen your self awareness, you may discover new possibilities that lead to the exponential growth of your company.



One of the key questions that entrepreneurs always ask me is: How can I grow my customers and expand my revenue? This is a really important question to ask. Because if you can grow your customers and revenue, you of course create a sustainable enterprise.

As you go through the program, and as we start exploring the deeper layers of our subconscious programming, we invite you to be on the lookout for ways in which you're actually blocking yourself from seeing the path to increased customer growth and expansion. In doing so, you're going to see some direct results in the success of your company.