Expand Your Time: Morning Reflections

Often times as entrepreneurs we wake up in the morning and we've got so much to do that we just leap into our day and start doing things unconsciously (e.g. e-mail, slack, etc.). This increases our chances of wasting time on things that don't really matter.

Instead, how about taking time each morning to simply pause and reflect on "what are the four or five things, that if I did these things well today, it would move my company forward in a meaningful way."

There's a lot of different ways you can do this morning reflection practice, but one thing that I've found helpful is taking a yellow sticky note and writing down those four or five things that are going to make my day extremely productive.

What I also consider when I'm writing things down is "what are the things that might happen during the day that would distract me from being able to get these tasks done?" That way, if those distractions come up, I'm aware of them and can choose differently. 

The key point here is that rather than just letting your day run you, you run your day. By thinking through the things you want to invest your time in and how to best fit those items into your day (accounting for energy, deadlines, collaboration, mindset, etc.), you cultivate the ability to say “no” based on your priorities.

Cheers to your productivity - The Good Startups Team