Individual Awareness Assessment

get immediate insights on how well You and your company measure up to 22 critical success factors

Awareness is the first step on the journey to enhancing your leadership skills and bolstering your ability to build a thriving company. Our team of scientists, entrepreneurs, and investors created an evidence-based 15-minute assessment that will test the most important practices, mindsets, and individual character traits that reliably lead to a flourishing organization that is maximally positioned to be of service in the world.

how it works

Get ready to sit back and go deep as you answer key awareness questions that are designed to illuminate your bright spots, and perhaps more importantly, your blind spots. Awareness is the first step toward making the organizational and cultural shifts that will allow you to impact your team in a powerful, positive way. Immediately after you complete the assessment, we will deliver you a comprehensive report that identifies areas for focused learning and development. 

After you take the assessment you will receive your individual results that show how you rated your organization, team and yourself. This information measures up to 22 critical success factors, which are divided in to 4 main categories:

  • Company Viability
  • Self Awareness
  • Organizational Efficacy
  • Vision & Impact

In addition to this you will also receive a Bright Spot and Blind Spot Report similar to the one pictured below.

This is a compilation of all your sub-scores from each category arranged from your greatest strengths to your perceived personal and organizational weaknesses.

Bright & Blind Spots

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Frequently asked questions  

How do I access my results?

Once you have submitted your results you will receive an email in your inbox. Simply follow the link and create a user profile and password. From there you can access your results online, or if you prefer to keep a PDF version or even print a copy, simply click download pdf report on the main page.

I submitted my results and have not received my results?

Please first check your junk mail and if you have not received your results please contact an provide the email you used when taking the assessment.  

How long will my results be available? 

Once you have created your user profile and log in you will always be able to access the reports. 

what are the best ways to address my blind spots?

Our Breakthrough Program is specifically designed to work through these critical factors. Another option is to sign up for executive coaching with one of our experienced executive coaches.  

Can I retake the assessment?

We advise that you retake the assessment after you have completed the Breakthrough program or completed your executive coaching engagement. In doing so, you can celebrate the progress you have made. 


No, your individual results are confidential. Only you can access them.  


turn your results into an action agenda

After you receive your comprehensive Entrepreneurial Awareness report, you can dive even deeper with one of our executive coaches and turn your results into measurable action. Fill out the form below to inquire about a session.

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