Tools for Self-Mastery & Sustainable High Performance

Entrepreneurship is a stressful job. We prepare you for it...



Awareness is the first step on your journey to self mastery, leadership, and enhanced wellbeing. This is why you start by taking our Individual Assessment that was designed and developed by our team of executive coaches, scientists, investors, and serial entrepreneurs.

Our assessment reveals how you stack up to 22 critical areas for entrepreneurial success and takes 10-15 minutes to complete.  



Breakthrough Program

Breakthrough is an interactive training program that offers powerful, evidence-based philosophies, mindsets, and tools from entrepreneurial experts to support you in scaling yourself as you simultaneously scale your company.

While most other entrepreneurial programs focus on business development alone, Breakthrough invites you to better understand who you are on a psychological level, and how you can be of highest service to humanity.




Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur and business leader can be a hard, lonely journey. Often you can feel the pressure of making your dream come to fruition, while satisfying investors, customers, and team members can weigh heavily on the minds and hearts of entrepreneurs and executive leaders. This is why we created Founder Forums, a coach moderated peer group to support founders on their startup journey. 


Executive & Leadership Coaching

We have coached entrepreneurs at all stages and enjoy nothing more than helping entrepreneurs navigate the mental and emotional journey of being an entrepreneur. As an added plus our primary coaches are all executives who can support with the strategy and execution of your startup. We find that our individual coaching is great for one-on-one work and also serves as a nice complement to our Breakthrough Program.


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See us in Action

Check out the video on the right of our live masterclass hosted in Kuala Lumpur with 500 startups, one of the largest accelerators and seed stage investment funds in the world.

The class focused on helping entrepreneurs transform their fear & stress into enhanced creativity. 

We hope you join us for the next Breakthrough Program cohort...


About Good Startups


Good Startups helps early-stage entrepreneurs grow their self awareness, expand their leadership skills, and build the foundation for a thriving culture. Our goal is to make first-class executive coaching accessible to all startups, which is why we created a new kind of accelerator program that combines scientific measurement, live online training, microlearning, and community. All of our scientifically-evidenced tools are designed to help entrepreneurs scale themselves, from the inside out. The pleasurable side effect is an acceleration of the company.


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