Peer Groups

virtual meet-ups with entrepreneurs and leaders, just like you. Coach facilitated. Peer interactive. Affordable. 

Leveraged learning to scale you and your organization. Because the lessons we learn from each other are priceless.

What are Peer Groups?

Peer Groups allow entrepreneurs and leaders to come together on a monthly basis to conjointly navigate startup challenges and transform obstacles into opportunities for both personal and business growth.


Why are Peer Groups important?

Let’s face it, being an entrepreneur and leader can be a hard, lonely journey. Too often we see entrepreneurs sacrificing themselves with the belief that in order for their businesses to be successful, they must push the boundaries of their well-being. The result: entrepreneurs are being run by anxiety, on the brink of exhaustion and burnout, and living in time and money scarcity that eventually taxes their relationships at work and home.  We believe there is another way. 

 A shared group space where your challenges and concerns are not only understood, but have been experienced first hand by the people in your group. With a shared basis of understanding, we tackle the greatest challenges entrepreneurs and leaders face by using a coach facilitated method to transform breakdowns into breakthroughs. 


What topics will be covered?

These peer groups are not primarily aimed to address business strategy from traditional standpoints – there are a plenitude of resources and advisers that can help with that.

Our offer here is a unique chance to address the largely ignored and unsupported areas of entrepreneurship, while allowing the business issues and strategic support to naturally emerge from a deeper discussion around what it means to be an entrepreneur.

Peer Groups cover topics and dig into methods and solutions related to:


And whatever else naturally arises during the sessions... 


What to expect in a session?

Unlike the content guided interactive sessions taught in our signature Breakthrough Program, Peer Groups are peer driven and based on what’s coming up during a given month.

You’ll join a 90-minute video conference call, once a month, with a group of 8-10 peers and a Good Startups Coach to highlight an area of challenge that is being experienced and take part in an interactive exploration. The coach will be there to ask the right questions, uncover some underlying roadblocks, and draw upon scientifically evidenced techniques and resources to facilitate breakthroughs.


Who can participate in Peer Groups?

Founders, C-suite execs and key leaders are welcome to join a Peer Group. Based on your position, we will match you with the appropriate peer group of similar role, non-competing individuals.

Peer Groups are also a nice accompaniment or follow on activity to participants enrolled in the Breakthrough Program, as they provide an opportunity to dig deeper on the key transformations offered in the Breakthrough Program. However, enrollment in the Breakthrough Program is not a requirement to participate in a Peer Group.



What’s great about Peer Groups is you pay significantly less money per month than individual executive coaching. You will gain access to executive coaches who get paid in the range of $500+ per hour in Silicon Valley for a fraction of the cost. Plus, many of our participants report that they prefer group coaching, as they feel the comfort of knowing they are not alone in their experience.