Invite all the entrepreneurs in your ecosystem to take the assessment

The Individual Awareness Assessment is a powerful way for founders to gain quick insights into their wellbeing and performance. However, the real growth opportunity comes when you receive the combined feedback of all members of your ecosystem, because this is where the real need areas are revealed.

Are your founders energized or burning out? Are they inspired or losing interest? Are your portfolio companies working collaboratively, or are there critical communication issues? Our ecosystem assessment will help you identify the areas of need within your ecosystem and address them with laser precision.

How it works

After letting us know how many members of your ecosystem you would like to participate in the survey, you'll send them all the link to the Individual Awareness Assessment. After receiving their results, our analysts will aggregate the data and send you an easy-to-navigate comprehensive report of our findings.

After digesting your results, you'll also have the option to set up a 1:1 call with one of our executive coaches and assessment creators to discuss the deeper meanings of your exposed bright and blind spots.

How This Benefits Your Ecosystem

In the lightning-fast pace of the entrepreneurial world, it's easy to forget the core foundational areas that keep your ecosystem thriving and moving toward being of service in the world. When key founders of your ecosystem are burning out, feeling ineffective, or emotions are running high - scientific studies have evidenced that breakdown is immanent.

The ecosystem assessment is your opportunity to see the areas where founders are thriving, barely maintaining, or are in critical need of support. Awareness is the first step toward making an impact in the world, and so this assessment is your ecosystem's opportunity to gain invaluable visibility into the minds and hearts of your founders.

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