Our training program for startup leaders. TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE.

Breakthrough gives your founders the tools to scale themselves, because the faster their company grows, the faster they need to grow. We provide your organization with turnkey materials to deliver the most critical business development and mindset transformation tools required to sustain and grow a thriving startup ecosystem. We scoured the scientific and business-development world and found a few key areas that reliably lead to startups being part of the 10% that thrive in the world.

Unleash the power of the Breakthrough Program in your community and you will see your founders develop the tools, skills, and self-mastery to operate at a sustainable high level of performance, leading to enhanced leadership, wellbeing, and overall global impact.

WHY INVEST IN Breakthrough?

Entrepreneurship is an up and down roller coaster ride that challenges us to our edges. The best entrepreneurs and startup leaders recognize that on the journey of entrepreneurship, there will be a number of breakdown to breakthrough moments, and providing a support system to navigate these moments is a competitive advantage for your ecosystem and your founders. Our material and support gives your team the tools to create balanced and resilient founders.

WHAT types of breakthroughs should i expect?

Our team of entrepreneurs, executive coaches, and scientists have been working with business professionals at all stages of development and have found that whether entrepreneurs are struggling, sustaining, or thriving, they all share a handful of common challenges that significantly affect performance and wellbeing.

When founders breakthrough in the following areas, everything becomes possible as they step into self-mastery and a level of performance previously deemed impossible. 

Key Transformation: Expand your TIME

From time starvation to time abundance. Learn how to move beyond the old belief system that one must work yourself to the bone to accomplish your mission.  Using our program, your founders will work on expanding their capacity to create by capitalizing on mental states that alter their perspectives on time, failure, and inspiration. 


Key Transformation: Transform Your FEAR

From fear and anxiety to trust and expanded creativity. Founders discover how fear is affecting us on physical, mental, and emotional levels and learn how to transform this to creative power, new possibilities, and clear decision making while improving overall health and wellbeing.



Key Transformation: Break Free From BURNOUT

From burnout to total wellbeing. Help your founders become so self-aware that they quickly catch themselves in burnout patterns. Then, get equipped with a range of tools to make them immune to burnout and transform exhaustion into sustained passion, inspired motivation, and better performance.


It was actually one of the most profound growth periods of my life...the Good Startups team went beyond the trite things to really push us down to our core, where the real breakthroughs occur.

- Enoch Elwell, Founder & CEO at CO.STARTERS and Founder
at Treetop Hideaways


  • Foundational knowledge in leadership psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence to understand how these fields influence your behavior and decision making in the workplace.

  • Techniques that can mitigate and prevent fear-based decision making, stress, burnout, time mismanagement, and communication breakdowns.

  • Tools to implement with your team to build core areas of organizational and personal awareness, holistic management, and mindfulness-based leadership.

  • Integrative practices to weave into your weekly routine in order to deepen your learning and mastery, during and after the program duration.

  • Peer engagement & support methods to allow you to interact with some of the most sought after startup leaders to learn from each others’ entrepreneurial experience.


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When you bring Breakthrough to your community you receive…


Facilitator Training

We take your leadership team through the Breakthrough experience and materials, equipping you with the insights and best practices needed to facilitate a higher level of wellbeing and stability for your team and founders.


Turn Key Breakthrough Facilitator and Participant Materials

You will be equipped with the latest Good Startups Breakthrough Participant and Facilitator Materials developed by our senior leadership coaches, psychologists, and executives. These presentations, workbooks, and administrative tools will keep you on the cutting edge of leadership development so you can serve your clients and help them reach their full potential.

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Supportive Community

You are not alone. Through our networks you will connect with many likeminded leaders with whom you can learn and grow. In addition to this wealth of resources, we also provide hands on support and insights to help support you in your journey as a facilitator.

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