What is a Good Startup?

We exist as a company because entrepreneurs are changing our global landscape and culture like no other group of people have ever been capable of before. Imagine if the U.S. Government decided to build Facebook. Do you think the government would be able to connect the world and have 1.23 billion monthly active users 12 years later?     

The ability for each of us to pursue our unique passions and impact the world is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience. Whether you are building a technology startup fueled by venture capital, small business, non-profit, online information product, or you are an intrapreneur within a large organization, each of our unique gifts comes with great power, and it is important that we use this power consciously.  

What our team of entrepreneurs, coaches, investors, and psychologists have discovered is that the most reliable way for us to use our power consciously is to wake up to our greatest version of self. To Self-Actualize. All that’s required to self-actualize is to courageously commit to facing and transforming our unconscious programming so we can create a life and entrepreneurial ventures that are in perfect alignment with who we are.

See, each of us is a masterpiece waiting to be unveiled at an art gallery. When we unveil our masterpiece, not only does our life exponentially expand, but the people we work with and society benefit in the most extraordinary ways. When we wake up to our greatest version of self and discover our unique masterpiece, it is essentially impossible to build companies from egoic motivations like money, success, accolades, big houses, shiny cars, etc. From the seat of our true self, we embody a felt awareness that all of those things that we have been told are the sources of happiness are indeed empty happiness.

True fulfillment comes from the awareness that we are already whole and complete no matter what is occurring in our external reality. That any personal, familial, or cultural programming that tells us that we are not enough just the way we are is a ruse designed to keep us mired in a mediocre matrix of society where we are no longer humans, but consumers.

It’s time for us to wake up from the collective narrative of our society that keeps us locked in fear and limitation. It is time to build a home in the supreme joy and lasting contentment of our true selves, so we are free to create and be of service for the sheer joy of it. When we align ourselves in this natural flow, that is when the magic carpet ride begins.

  • We begin to motivate from the source of who we are, not ego
  • We no longer see the world from the lens of scarcity (e.g  I’m not enough, there’s not enough, this experience I’m having isn’t enough)
  • The people, places, and things that we require to manifest our brilliance reveal themselves at the perfect times
  • And importantly, as entrepreneurs, we create wildly successful companies that benefit our society.

So what is a Good Startup? A Good Startup is being run by entrepreneurs who:

  1. Are courageous enough to face and transform their unconscious patterns and programming

  2. Have passionately dedicated themselves to growing their self-awareness

  3. Are operating as their greatest version of self

  4. See the world from the lens of abundance consciousness, not scarcity

  5. Are being fueled by motivations that are rooted in the pure joy of creativity and lasting contentment of being of service to others

  6. See that others are working with them, not for them  

  7. Ask first whether they should build it, not can they build it?

  8. Realize that what they are building directly impacts the long-term wellbeing of our society and planet  

  9. See money, success, and accolades as a side effect of them expressing their unique brilliance

  10. Inspire others to greatness by simply embodying these principles

There has never been a better time to be a Good Startup. Climate change is real. People who are denying climate change are cementing themselves in history in a similar context to the people who were against abolishing slavery. Our financial system is inching toward an overhaul. The outdated ideologies of large religious institutions are rising to the surface of mass consciousness. Technology, artificial intelligence and virtual reality are expanding exponentially and the world’s greatest minds believe we will reach a point of singularity by 2029. Put simply, mass consciousness is expanding....

Want proof? Just look at the 2016 Oscars. The movie that won best-picture was Spotlight, the story of the catholic church covering up sexual abuse in my hometown Boston. Leonardo Dicaprio won best actor and gave a victory speech on the realness of climate change. The movie the Big Short was nominated for several oscars and told the story of the 2008 financial collapse, and Ex Machina told the story of artificial intelligence.

It’s time for the wildly brilliant, high integrity entrepreneurs to unveil themselves. It’s time for these entrepreneurs to integrate the skills that are required for them to be the protectors of our societal wellbeing. It’s time for all of us to wake up and realize that we are living on a hamster wheel of society that keeps us locked in stress, burnout, and a lack of true fulfillment.

There is a new world available to us right now that works for everyone. Entrepreneurs have the power to bring this world into form… quickly. But in order for us to create a world where wellbeing, positive impact, and thriving business co-exist, we must embody wellbeing within ourselves.

This is what Good Startups is here to do… to provide entrepreneurs and their teams the tools to self-actualize and build thriving companies so we can can accelerate a movement toward entrepreneurship for good.

Who’s in?

Justin Milano helps mindful entrepreneurs build exceptional companies. As a serial entrepreneur and certified leadership coach, Justin uses a unique blend of business and leadership coaching to help entrepreneurs create breakthroughs and fulfill their maximum potential.

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