What’s More Important Than Commitment? Recommitment...

All extraordinary innovations began with a powerful commitment. For Google, it was to “organize the world’s information.” For Apple, it was to “create a personal relationship between people and their computer.” As a startup founder, once you make a big commitment, you will inevitably face challenges that you need to overcome to follow through on your commitment. The question is “how are you currently meeting those challenges?”

The world is full of brilliant people with big ideas. The difference between the people who manifest their visions, and the people who don’t, is often a simple yet powerful ability to recommit.

Let’s use a common real-world example. At the end of each year, millions of people across the globe make the big new year’s commitment “to be healthy and lose weight.” After the holidays are over, gym memberships soar across the country and people begin the year eating their fruits and veggies. However, 2-3 months into the new year the number of monthly gym memberships drop and people resort to their previous patterns of eating. Why?

More often than not, what happens is people fall off the wagon, eat unhealthy, and take a couple weeks off from working out. Once they reestablish their old patterns, they beat themselves up, lose track of their commitment, and go back to their old way of being. Sound familiar?

How many times have you made a commitment and then beat yourself up when you stopped fulfilling your commitment? Maybe some of you reading this right now are feeling depressed because you are experiencing a tremendous challenge that threatens the viability of your startup? Instead of beating yourself up, how about simply recommitting and opening to new creative possibilities?

When a plane is flying to its destination, 90% of the time the plane wavers off track. The job of the pilot and the computers is to simply steer the plane back on track so everyone gets safely to their destination. This is your job as a startup founder.


On the journey to manifesting your big goals and commitments, you may fall off course 90% of the time and your job is to simply recommit, recommit, recommit. Anyone can state a big commitment, but not everyone can continuously recommit and actually see their commitment to fruition.

Today I invite you into the world of recommitment. A world that fosters self compassion, expanded creativity, and the joy of being fully committed. This is a much better way to navigate the startup journey than beating yourself up, giving up, and living in a space of 99% commitment with one toe out the door.

Your ability to master the skill of recommitment may ultimately decide whether your plane gets to its destination.

Justin Milano helps mindful entrepreneurs build exceptional companies. As a serial entrepreneur and certified leadership coach, Justin uses a unique blend of business and leadership coaching to help entrepreneurs create breakthroughs and fulfill their maximum potential.

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