About Good Startups

We are on a mission to improve the wellbeing of entrepreneurial leaders around the world

Good Startups is a coaching and e-learning company fueled by cutting edge science and philosophy. We believe that entrepreneurship, wellbeing, and impact can co-exist. For this reason we have created a suite of products and services that are designed to help you scale yourself, from the inside out. The pleasurable side effect is an acceleration of your company.


Our first area of focus is scientific measurement. All transformation begins with awareness, and through our proprietary scientific measurement suite we allow you to quickly and affordably monitor the wellbeing and performance of individuals and entire entrepreneurial ecosystems


Once you uncover you and your team's bright spots and blind spots, we then invite you to move from awareness to action and participate in our live, interactive, and affordable Breakthrough Program. Participants of Breakthrough report lower stress and anxiety, enhanced wellbeing, improved decision-making, and less breakdowns within their team. 

Social Mission

As part of our social mission, we want to make first-class executive coaching affordable and accessible to all entrepreneurs, regardless of company stage or budget. Just like first-class air travelers experience a more pleasurable journey to their final destination, startup leaders who receive exceptional executive coaching also experience a smoother, more enjoyable ride on the way to achieving their mission.   

Get started

The journey begins with you uncovering your blind spots and bright spots. Click the link below to take our 15-minute Individual Awareness Assessment, and let the transformation begin.  

Cheers to your wellbeing - The Good Startups Team