Assessment & Micro-Learning


We begin by offering founders in your ecosystem a comprehensive psychometric assessment designed by our team of executive coaches and scientists to uncover blind spots and celebrate bright spots in relation to their performance and leadership. Your founders then benefit from customized micro-learning to address their individual blind spots.

Breakthrough Program


We then recommend your founders participate in our signature Breakthrough Program which was designed to help founders address the blind spots highlighted in their assessment. Founders can participate in local or online Breakthrough programs, and you have the opportunity to train a member of your team to offer Breakthrough to your founder ecosystem.

Ecosystem Partners


We have a range of Ecosystem Partnerships to consider that include founder access to our platform, ecosystem licenses and reports, and the ability to offer Breakthrough to your founders. Whether you are a co-working space, venture fund, accelerator, angel association, government, or corporate looking to support your founders, we have suitable options.



The Good Startups team has scientifically measured the key attributes of New Zealand’s founder ecosystem. This has given us invaluable insights and put us in a unique position to effectively address our founder wellbeing and leadership challenges. This in turn is helping us support more founders to get from Seed to Series A and beyond. What makes the Good Startups work so powerful is that it is scientifically-evidenced and delivered with genuine care and warmth.”

-Suse Reynolds, Executive Director New Zealand Angel Association