Self Awareness


Founders begin by taking a comprehensive psychometric assessment designed by our team of executive coaches and scientists to uncover blind spots and celebrate bright spots in relation to their performance and leadership. The awareness assessment is able to be revisited again as needed, so that participants and our team can track reliable shifts in mindset, awareness, and leadership capabilities.

Breakthrough Workshops


Founders then participate in our signature Breakthrough Workshops which are designed to help address the blind spots highlighted in their assessment. Founders can participate in local or online Breakthrough Workshops that provide proven mindset and overall business development tools centered around self awareness (e.g. relationship to stress and time), leadership (e.g. growth mindset), and purpose/impact.


Concentra is built on the foundation of team circling processes that accelerate learning by creating an environment where founders learn with and from each other. Concentra circles build trust, cohesion, communication and ultimately result in a culture of collective excellence, safety, and vulnerability. This community incubates the personal growth and transformation each founder needs to bring their best self to their business.



The Good Startups team has scientifically measured the key attributes of New Zealand’s founder ecosystem. This has given us invaluable insights and put us in a unique position to effectively address our founder wellbeing and leadership challenges. This in turn is helping us support more founders to get from Seed to Series A and beyond. What makes the Good Startups work so powerful is that it is scientifically-evidenced and delivered with genuine care and warmth.”

-Suse Reynolds, Executive Director New Zealand Angel Association