We work with founders and startup ecosystem builders to provide foundational self awareness tools to better navigate the entrepreneurial rollercoaster.

Here’s how we do it…



Data-Driven Insights & Micro-Learning


Participants begin by taking a comprehensive psychometric assessment designed by our team of executive coaches and scientists to uncover blind spots and celebrate bright spots in relation to their performance and leadership. The awareness assessment is revisited again at the conclusion of Breakthrough, so that participants and our team can track reliable shifts in mindset, awareness, and leadership capabilities.

Founder Breakthrough Program


Participants then attend sessions with a cohort of committed learners each week to explore proven mindset and overall business development tools centered around self awareness (e.g. relationship to stress and time), leadership (e.g. growth mindset), and purpose/impact.

Coaching and Development


As companies grow and scale, it is important that their leaders’ psychological, leadership, and cultural development scales at the same time. Our coaching is designed to empower leaders to initiate change within themselves to be able to lead their team. There is nothing more inspiring to team members than seeing their leaders committed to personal and organizational transformation.



The Good Startups team is scientifically measuring New Zealand’s national founder ecosystem and giving us the tools to address founder wellbeing and leadership challenges head on. It’s these types of programs that will help us get more founders from Seed to Series A.

-Suse Reynolds, Executive Director New Zealand Angel Association