Team Forums

virtual meet-ups to strengthen your team. Coach facilitated. interactive. Affordable. 

Teamwork. We hear a lot about it, yet often we don’t see much of it.

Good Startups is here to help teams work together better in the real world, beyond the inspirational posters and leadership lip service. We create ways for teams to build trust, connect authentically, and solve problems together. We do this with what we call Team Forums.


What are team forums?

Team Forums are groups of 6-8 colleagues who gather (in person or virtually) monthly to explore the reality of what it means to be a team. Led by an experienced Good Startups moderator, Team Forums are a safe place for co-workers to share what really matters to them, to get past the bureaucratic posturing of meetings and talk about what they are feeling, what they are struggling with (be it a clunky product implementation or difficult colleague), and what they really want to create.


What to expect in a session?

Unlike the content guided interactive sessions taught in our signature Breakthrough Program, Team Forums are peer driven and based on what’s coming up during a given month.

Using Good Startups’ custom forum process, teams:

  • Move past complaining and into self-directed action

  • Gain new insight on key challenges

  • Learn the emotional and relational dimensions of issues

  • Stop gossip in its tracks by sharing what really matters face-to-face

  • Resolve conflict in a safe and supportive framework

  • Grow trust through increased connection and revelation


Paired with our proprietary scientific measurement tools and unique online content, the Good Startups Team Forum process builds stronger, happier teams that learn faster and work more smoothly together for better results. 



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