We thrive when working with entrepreneurs who are open to learning and committed to their self mastery.


Facilitators & Coaches

Justin Milano, Co-Founder & Executive Coach

Areas of Focus: Facilitation, Executive Coaching, Leadership Psychology, Self-Awareness, Fundraising, Strategic Partnerships & Strategy  

As the lead facilitator for the Breakthrough Program, Justin Milano helps exceptional entrepreneurs build thriving companies. As a serial entrepreneur and executive coach, Justin uses a unique blend of business coaching and leadership psychology to help entrepreneurs create breakthroughs and fulfill their maximum potential. Justin has deep experience in the arts of raising capital and forming strategic partnerships. What's most important to Justin is to grow his self awareness and live a life where his every action is aligned with the truth of who he is. 

Experience: Hairprint, Daily Relationship, Contentment Lab, GoPure, TripAlertz, Luggage Forward, American Express.


Daniel Cordaro, Ph.D. - Co-Founder & Scientist
Areas of Focus: Self-Awareness, Selfless Service, Curriculum Development, Philosophy, Scientific Measurement, Emotional Intelligence, Psychology, Compassionate Leadership.

Daniel is called to cultivate a world where people are free of the suffering caused by their own minds. He offers unique, science-based approaches rooted in deeper philosophies that invite his clients and students to break free from the confines of their egoic, subconscious assumptions.  As a trained emotion psychologist and philosopher, Daniel provides a powerful unifying lens through which we experience everything around us. Daniel also scientifically measures the progress of Good Startups entrepreneurs, and he is the creator of our Breakthrough curriculum. 
Experience: Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, The Contentment Foundation, UC Berkeley (Ph.D. & M.A. in Psychology, M.A. in Chemistry)


Michelle Buck, Facilitator

Area of Focus: Leadership development, well-being, courageous conversations

Michelle is a Clinical Professor of Management and Organizations at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.  She has previously served as the School's first Director of Leadership Initiatives from 2006 to 2013, designing and coordinating opportunities for personal leadership development to complement the School's academic curriculum. Her work in personal leadership development focuses on the importance of self-reflection and the awareness of strengths, weaknesses, values, and purpose as foundational elements of effective leadership and of management education. Her teaching also addresses the role of leadership communication in motivating and engaging others, and leadership as a relationship and the dynamics of leading and following.

Experience: Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, McGill University, Princeton University (PhD and MA in Social Psychology)

Tim Peek, Senior Partner & Executive Coach

Areas of Focus: Workplace transformation, conscious leadership, team & partner dynamics, content & media

Tim Peek is an Emmy award-winning journalist, former NBC News executive, and executive coach who works with startups and established organizations to create workplace cultures for sustainable success. A leader in the conscious leadership movement, Tim coaches leaders and their teams to use emotional intelligence, body intelligence and the power of presence to increase their learning agility and creative connection. He is a mentor to startups in the Seoul-based SparkLabs accelerator and a mentor and leadership coach with MergeLane, a Boulder-based accelerator for women-led companies. As an experienced corporate leader, Tim works with founders and their teams to create highly effective workplaces that bring the personal and professional into balance for sustainable success.

Experience: NBC News, the Conscious Leadership Group, Vistage, Young Presidents’ Organization, Northwestern University, Colorado College, the Hendricks Institute


Anna Mcgrath, Executive Coach

Areas of Focus: Organizational Design, Conscious Leadership and Thriving Work Cultures

Anna is an expert at transitioning a startup or established organization into a successful self-organizing operation. With decades of senior leadership and change management expertise, Anna advises leaders on how to unlock their untapped innovation and profitability of their company through effective organizational design. Most recently her clients include Zappos, Pantheon, Dev Boot Camp, Wired, and Wikia. As a member of the Good Startups coaching team and Co-Chair of Conscious Capitalism Bay Area, Anna is supporting mission-driven startups in designing organizations that can scale.

Experience: WonderWorks Consulting, Conscious Capitalism, Hendricks Leadership, Think Tank


Margaret Ryan, Executive Coach

Areas of Focus: Strategy, Conscious Leadership and Organizational Design. 

Margaret is a trusted strategic business advisor with a reputation for achieving accelerated results. She coaches and trains CEO’s, founders and their executive teams in conscious leadership practices that revolutionize their workplace. Her coaching is a unique combination of back bone, heart, body intelligence, and business expertise, all key ingredients that enable her to deliver challenging feedback to empowered leaders. As a member of the Good Startups coaching team, she supports emerging leaders in designing work cultures where people love coming to work each day.  

Experience: WonderWorks ConsultingConscious CapitalismHendricks Leadership


Melissa Loh, Founding Partner & SME Coach

Areas of Focus: Small and Medium-Sized Business, Social Enterprise, Business Strategy, Content Marketing, Project and Management Systems Development

Mel believes that business is one of the fastest vehicles for positive change in the world, and in ourselves. She helps leaders, and their teams, of small and medium-sized startups and established businesses optimise their performance and build thriving companies. Mel has earned her degree from one of world's top rated entrepreneurship programs and has 10 years of hands-on experience in international business, entrepreneurship and social enterprise development. In addition to coaching, she also supports Good Startups with producing digital content, online marketing, and building out management systems that are the foundations of team operations. 

Experience: University of Southern California, Marshall School of Business: Entrepreneurial StudiesAlam Santi: Sustainable Living DesignTaman Petanu Eco Neighborhood

Practice tool innovation team

Jason Sbordone, Practice Tools Developer

Jason Sbordone is a seasoned professional in the world of leadership and talent, with 15 years of expertise in designing and delivering leadership development programs, creating and conducting leadership assessments, coaching individuals to support their evolution from manager to leader, and helping organizations lead through change. He has worked in a variety of industries, across geographies, and with leaders at all levels of Fortune 500 companies. Jason’s recent focus is on developing programs that generate more emotional awareness and mindfulness at work.

Juna Mustad, Practice Tool Developer

Juna has been coaching people for over a decade on how to create healthy relationships, develop emotional intelligence, collaborate more effectively and embrace their full potential. She engages individuals, groups, and organizations in journeys of growth and transformation to improve communication, foster leadership skills, and support overall wellbeing. Juna is a certified coach through The Hendricks Institute and a certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner through The SE Institute. Clients appreciate her empathy, energizing presence, keen insights, and experience with a wide variety of coaching and training modalities.

Experience: Hendricks Institute, SE Institute



Tchiki Davis, M.A., Ph.D., Research and Development Advisor
Areas of Focus: Emotion, Well-Being, Research and Development (R&D), Technology Innovation, Quantitative Analysis

Happiness is not something we find – we must learn skills that help us create our own happiness. Over the last 15 years, Tchiki has been developing activities, events, courses, workshops, and programs to promote well-being. These initiatives spanned for-profit, non-profit, and academic settings. While pursuing a PhD from The University of California Berkeley, she further developed her ability to use rigorous research and statistical methods to test and improve the effectiveness of well-being programs. Her work has resulted in a variety of competitive awards, including a T32 research award from the National Institute of Mental Health (to study intervention development), plus an innovation award from Big Ideas @ Berkeley for developing “Technology for society."
Experience: Berkeley Well-Being InstituteGreater Good Science CenterUC Berkeley (Ph.D. in Psychology)

support team

Petra Schneider, Founding Partner & Educational Media Design

Area of Focus: Brand, Design, Social Enterprise Coaching, Communications and Education Strategy.

A passionate social entrepreneur, Petra has 20+ years experience founding and directing small and large scale enterprises, and creating tools that clearly communicate a client’s vision, products and goals. Petra is an award-winning designer and author of 15+ books and toolkits ranging from effective media design to sustainable development. Petra is one of Indonesia’s primary experts in community facilitation and has pioneered innovative behavioural change programs in some of the most challenging political and environmental landscapes in the region.

Experience: Alam Santi: Sustainable Living DesignTaman Petanu Eco NeighborhoodIDEP Foundation, IDEP Media


Jack Shelgren, Social Media and Communications

Area of Focus: Social Media, Communications, PR

Jack is passionate about human connectivity and creating cultures of optimism. He is Co-Founder and Marketing Officer of a clothing brand Hooligans Movement, LLC and a student in the Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at the Florida State University.

Skills include public speaking, relationship building, personal sales, social media management, ideation, public relations, strategy development & implementation and product development. 

Experience: Jim Moran School of Entrepreneurship at the Florida State University, Teaching Assistant- Public Speaking with Distinguished Professor Mark Zeigler, Social Justice Mentor at the Center for Leadership & Social Change at FSU, FSU Honors Program, Co- Founder at Hooligans Movement, LLC , Co-Founder & Manager at Glass House Point, LLC 

Krista Koehs, Accounting
Areas of Focus: accounting, hr, operational organization 

Krista has focused her career on the unique accounting needs of startups and small businesses so she can help develop a procedure for any need the organization may have. Krista is currently the Directing for Your Business Champion, which focuses on providing accounting and administrative support for companies in the early growth stages.

Experience: Your Business Champion, Treeline Associates



Emilio Diez Barroso, Advisor

Area of Focus: Emilio advises Good Startups on how to bring our unique leadership tools to the world of entrepreneurship and venture capital.

Co-Chairman and Founder of NALA Investments, a private investment holding company with operations across various industries including communications, energy, transportation, consumer products, real estate, technology and media. He studied Economics and Finance at Harvard University and has an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica with an emphasis on Consciousness Health and Healing.

Experience: NALA Investments, Summit Movie Studio,  XPrize, Televisa, Univision, M.A. Spiritual Psychology


Marc Brackett, Advisor

Area of Focus: Marc advises Good Startups on scientific measurement and emotional intelligence 

Marc is the founder of the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. For 20+ years the center has been teaching emotional intelligence skills to schools and businesses across the world. The Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence RULER program is currently providing emotional intelligence skills to 1.5 million children worldwide. As part of our friendship and partnership with Marc, Good Startups donates 3% of our gross sales to RULER, with the intention of supporting a new generation of conscious leaders.  

Experience: Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Faculty Fellow at Yale University, 150+ Scholarly Articles in Emotional Intelligence. 


Shereef Bishay, Advisor

Area of Focus: Shereef is bringing his experience founding Dev Bootcamp to the Good Startups management team

Shereef bootstrapped Dev Bootcamp into an technology education powerhouse that was bought by Kaplan. Shereef is a brilliant early-stage founder who is now building Learners Guild, an incubator for aspiring software engineers who may not have the resources to pay for technology education.    

Experience: Learners Guild, Dev Bootcamp  


Robert C. Wolcott, Advisor

Area of Focus: Rob advises Good Startups on a wealth of topics including entrepreneurship, education and innovation. 

Rob Wolcott is Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN), and a Clinical Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management. Rob won Teacher of the Year from Kellogg’s Executive MBA program in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Rob's book, Grow From Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation (McGraw-Hill, 2010) shares a decade of research and his work has been published in several international publications. 

Experience: Kellogg Innovation NetworkGrow From Within: Mastering Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation