Team Pulse Assessment

take your team culture to the next level by Keeping track of their health, wellbeing, and roadblocks in under 2 minutes

The Team Pulse Assessment is a powerful, fast, and evidence-based method to gain deep insights into the health of your team culture. Our two-minute assessment and detailed results dashboard gives you valuable insights into the stress levels, burnout risk, time scarcity, interpersonal drama, and other factors that are critical to a healthy and inspired team. The Pulse Assessment is designed to go out to your team at regular intervals that you can customize, so that you can monitor the mental ups and downs of your team in real time.

How it works

After letting us know how many members you would like to participate in the regular assessment, we'll create a custom survey link and dashboard for your team. You'll set the frequency with which your team will receive the survey, and our system will analyze your data instantly and keep track of it for you in your dashboard. After each survey interval, you'll see a variety of metrics comparing changes over time, patterns to be aware of, and any critical areas that need to be addressed.


how this benefits your team

The best leaders spend extra care and attention understanding how their team is doing on a physical, emotional, and psychological level. This is the origin of organizational culture and a critical piece to the overall experience of building a thriving company. The Pulse Assessment allows you to gain more insights into the health and wellbeing of your team so that you can make organizational changes that are proactive rather than reactive. Instead of losing team members to burnout or lack of inspiration, you now have the opportunity to adaptively and mindfully harmonize your team's work with their most important health and wellbeing needs.


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