Thriving through Entrepreneurial Stress  

A Free 90-minute live online masterclass. learn how to transform Your Daily Entrepreneurial Stresses into creative action

An insightful and interactive conversation at the crossroads of entrepreneurship and cutting-edge leadership psychology. Because the faster your company grows, the faster you need to grow. 


What if you could feel balanced even while you ride the daily roller coaster of entrepreneurship?

In this masterclass you will learn the fundamental secret to being a resilient leader. You will uncover the sources of your entrepreneurial stress and learn how to transform your worries (e.g. growth rates, fundraising) into innovation and new possibilities using a growth mindset, one of the most coveted leadership traits by top investors.

As a workshop participant, you will learn how to:

  • Be a more balanced and resilient leader

  • See more possibilities and significantly improve your judgement and decision making

  • Reduce worry and anxiety thoughts

  • Reduce feelings of burnout and overwhelm

Key Takeaways:

  • The best entrepreneurs experience stress. It’s their relationship to stress that differentiates them

  • If you are not feeling fear as an entrepreneur, you are either full of ____, not playing a big enough game, or an enlightened zen master

  • Stress significantly affects our judgment and decision making

  • Most of your worries will never happen

  • Neuroscience and leadership psychology is fascinating


By the end of this training, it is our hope that your entrepreneurial rollercoaster will begin to feel like the blue rollercoaster

By the end of this training, it is our hope that your entrepreneurial rollercoaster will begin to feel like the blue rollercoaster

Meet your Facilitator & Expert behind the content

In this training, you will learn scientifically evidenced practices and techniques developed by one of our co-founders, Dr. Daniel Cordaro, a PhD psychologist from the Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence. Facilitating the training is serial entrepreneur and executive coach, Justin Milano, who provides tangible examples of how having mastery of these skills can have a huge impact in your startup organization. 


Testimonial from a Venture capital Partner

"The entrepreneurs journey is as much about battling our own dragons (fears, pressures, insecurities, etc.) as it is about external product/market fit, competitive advantage, etc. While many resources exist for sales force optimization, talent recruiting, fundraising and other core areas, few exist to address these other even more critical factors affecting founders and their teams. Good Startups brings a rare mixture of leading theory with real world experience and DNA to provide startups the support they need to succeed in even the most trying situations. For companies that embrace and master these, they will have a significant competitive advantage over their competitors."

Matt McCall, Pritzker Capital Group

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