Time is an illusion
— Albert Einstein

Expand Your Time  

TRANSFORM time poverty to time abundance. 


In this series, we'll work on expanding your capacity to create by capitalizing on mental states that alter our perspectives on time, failure, and inspiration. This portion of the course is developed by Dan Cordaro PhD (Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence) and facilitated by Justin Milano, serial entrepreneur and leadership coach.     

From Time Scarcity to Abundance 

In relation to money, Silicon Valley is one of the most abundant places on the planet. However, when it comes to time, Silicon Valley is one of the most impoverished places in the world. In this session we dig deep into the unconscious programming that creates the conditions for time poverty. Participants will go from daily fires and not having enough time, to having plenty of time to build their business and enjoy their life.   


Flow States & the Myth of multitasking

In this next session, we will scientifically dispel the myth of multitasking, capitalize on flow states, and optimize focus to attain our maximum creative potential. You will discover your zone of genius and learn how to create a team culture where everyone is thriving with high levels of energy.


Alter your mindset, expand your time

Now that you have the skills to recognize and enter into flow states, it's time to understand how psychological mindsets can be optimized for maximum wellbeing and creative expression. We will teach you how to shift from fixed mindset to growth mindset, so that you can become aware of the skills that you and your team want to cultivate in the future. Lastly, we'll learn how to shift from threat to challenge mindsets, dissolving your concepts of failure once and for all. 

The power of emptiness

In our final session of this section, we'll ask you to empty everything you know about creativity, success, and long-term planning. The practice and power of emptiness is an incredible guide for inspiration, creativity, and finding your Eureka Moments. It turns out that self-care isn't selfish, and if you take time for leisure, love, and laziness, you'll find inspiration flowing through more strongly than ever before. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is thinking that success only comes from striving and accelerating. Here we will learn how to do the exact opposite, to let go, decelerate, and allow inspiration to do the work for you.  


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