CO.STARTERS Community Leaders

Good Startups and CO.STARTERS have teamed up to provide a turn-key way for community leaders to support their entrepreneurs with our cutting-edge Breakthrough Program aimed at enhanced performance, resiliency, and overall wellbeing. 

Thanks to a partnership with Good Startups, CO.STARTERS communities can now provide another critical layer of support to your entrepreneurs on their journey to success. As part of your CO.STARTERS membership, you get special access to Good Startups’ self awareness assessment, online engagement tools, and roundtable model for your CO.STARTERS participants and graduates, all for a special first-year annual license fee of $1,800 per site.



Many of you have expressed interest in a next-level development program for CO.STARTERS graduates. After researching numerous options for entrepreneur development, the CO.STARTERS team feels the Good Startups Breakthrough Program is an answer. 

Beginning as a CO.STARTERS cohort, the Breakthrough program allows participants to uncover blind spots and bright spots in relationship to their performance, leadership, and overall wellbeing (e.g. fear, anxiety, time management, etc.). In addition to revealing individual insights, as part of your licensing fee, you will also receive a separate report that aggregates findings and highlights key needs within your overall community.

Upon completion of the 3-month Breakthrough program, your entrepreneurs may receive continued support through the Good Startups’ “Founder Forums,” which allow small groups of entrepreneurs from each community to share their deepest concerns in a structured setting aimed at powerful professional growth. The Good Startups model is based off the YPO model that has a 20+ year proven track record.  

By tackling critical issues for startup success, these tools can be a key differentiator for your community.


HOW IT WORKS & What's Included

Step 1: Licensing Fee

Purchase the annual site licensing fee with an upfront payment of $1,800. Here's what's included:

1. Scientific Measurement (Entrepreneur Awareness Assessment): 

  • Entrepreneurs: Good Startups will administer a comprehensive self awareness assessment to cohort participants that illuminates their bright spots and blind spots.
  • Community Leaders: Through aggregating participant responses, Good Startups will give community leaders a comprehensive report that shows key trends and areas for growth within your overall community.   

2. 3-Month Breakthrough Program* (Twelve 90-minute live online trainings + daily micro content):

  • Entrepreneurs: Your CO.STARTERS graduates will receive special access to participate in the 3-month Breakthrough Program, offered twice annually for CO.STARTERS graduates. With your promo code, graduates will pay $150 in three monthly $50 installments, ⅓ of the normal $450 cost ($300 savings) These small monthly fees are important for increasing commitment levels and creating better measured results. 
  • Community Leaders: As the community leader, you get free access to participate yourself in the 3-month Breakthrough Program.

*The annual licensing fee provides your entrepreneurs access to two separate 3-month Breakthrough cohorts per year


3. Founder Forums (once per month meetings with 6-8 of their peers + micro content):

  • Entrepreneurs: Upon completion of the 3-month Breakthrough Program, entrepreneurs are invited to continue paying $50 per month (⅓ the normal $150 cost) to participate in Good Startup's Founder Forums. 
  • Community Leaders: As part of your licensing fee, you and your facilitators may receive training to become Founder Forums facilitators so you can host these peer groups in your local community. You will also be paid $15 of the $50 monthly fee to either recoup your annual site licensing fee, or have a budget to pay your local facilitators to run the Founder Forums.  

4. Individual Coaching (1:1 coaching from our experienced small business coaches):

  • Entrepreneurs: Your graduates will receive a 50% discount on Good Startups' normal small business coaching rates (normally $200 per hour) for those inevitable "breakdown to breakthrough moments" that all entrepreneurs experience. 
  • Community Leaders: Not only will you be able to provide your entrepreneurs on-demand access to top-tier executive coaching, it will also remove some of the coaching burden from you.

Step 2: Introductory Masterclass

If you are worried about getting your graduates to sign up for the Breakthrough Program, we make it easy to inspire them by giving a small preview of what they’ll experience.  To this end, Good Startups is hosting a free online masterclass on "Thriving Through Entrepreneurial Stress" specifically for entrepreneurs on June 6th, 2pm pacific time. After the masterclass your entrepreneurs will have just over 2 weeks to enroll for Breakthrough. Click here to find out more.


Step 3: Entrepreneur Sign up  

Interested entrepreneurs can be sent to our Small Medium-Sized Enterprises page where they can use your special promo code to join the 3-month Breakthrough program for $150, to be paid in full or in three monthly installments of $50. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How many Breakthrough cohorts Run each year? 

Currently Good Startups runs two Breakthrough cohorts per year. The next one starts June 28th, 2017 and the second cohort is being scheduled for the fall. 

How many of my CO.STARTERS FAcilitators can participate in the Founder Forum Facilitator Training?

You can have as many facilitators as you like participate. However, we highly recommend that you have your current CO.STARTERS facilitators participate, since the basic coaching skills they possess will be helpful in improving the overall Founder Forum experience.

Can I host the Founder Forums in Person?

Yes, this is encouraged. The CO.STARTERS network is built on community. Breakthrough is offered online so the entrepreneurs can access some of the top executive coaches in the world. To continue the feeling of local community, we created the Founder Forum model so entrepreneurs can learn from their peers and be supported by community leaders.

What happens if we don't have anyone locally to run Founder Forums?

In this case you will not receive $15 per month out of the $50 fee, and the Forums will instead be run by a Good Startups facilitator online using Zoom meeting technology. 

How do i receive my special promo code?

Once you have successfully made payment you will receive a unique code via email for your community to access the Breakthrough Program for $150.

Will I have access to the individual scientific results of our entrepreneurs?

No, it is very important that entrepreneurs know that their individual results are confidential. You will receive a report that aggregates all key findings of entrepreneurs in your community. 

Is Breakthrough Online or In-Person?

The way we make the Breakthrough program affordable and accessible is by running it online through Zoom meeting technology. If we ran the trainings in person the cost would be prohibitive, as we would need to pay for travel, lodging, and expensive in-person training fees. The live sessions will have CO.STARTERS entrepreneurs from around the world learning skills taught by top executive coaches. Another benefit of online training is the ability to create a global sense of community and support.

Why are current facilitators not being trained to run breakthrough locally?

This is an important question. The reason is because the content being offered in Breakthrough is based on 50+ years of rigorous scientific research that requires a deep understanding of psychology. As you will see in the trainings, when we are supporting an entrepreneur with transforming their fears and anxieties, often the source of their anxiety can be from old wounds or childhood experiences. This requires skilled executive coaches and emotion psychologists who can understand how to best support an entrepreneur in the moment.

Put simply, we are fiercely committed to the integrity of this work. We cannot have anyone offering these powerful tools without them mastering the skills themselves, which takes years of practice. We created the Founder Forums model and process to ensure we maintain the local community element that is one of the key benefits of CO.STARTERS. Thanks for your understanding on this matter.