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OUR DYNAMIC GROUP Coaching PROGRAM FOR Entrepreneurs provides LIVE ONLINE coaching that is TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE.

We believe the energy, creativity and culture of startups is the best way to power success in any organization. That’s why we created Breakthrough Enterprise. It’s our way of reawakening more mature organizations to the startup within, whether that means reinvigorating sleepy bureaucracy, or getting a scaled startup back in touch with its roots.

Like the rest of our programs, Breakthrough Enterprise is built on scientific assessment of your organization, teams and leaders. Using cutting-edge assessment tools, we give every level of the organization a way to see its bright spots and blind spots, while providing specific feedback to leaders and peers through our online 360-degree evaluations.

That's where we start, and then we keep going...


For leaders

We offer comprehensive 360-degree evaluations built on in-depth interviews with peers, subordinates and superiors. These are built on live interviews conducted by our team of experienced coaches (many with deep experience in large organizations themselves) that capture the nuances and desires leaders often can’t see for themselves. After detailed analysis, we present these findings along with a remediation and support program. Then we measure progress with ongoing online assessment.



We take that same scientific approach to assessing team effectiveness, whether it’s a small operating unit or an entire company. Our proprietary tools surface trends and potentials along with deficits that are holding back performance. Often just seeing the reality of where a team is falling short is enough to stimulate positive change. As legendary CEO Jack Welch said: “The team that sees reality best wins.”

We follow up that powerful assessment with a customized action plan, built around coaching for high-leverage players and massively scalable live Breakthrough education programs for teams. These breakthroughs allow diverse and scattered teams to get on the same page, learn new skills and grow together. Current Breakthrough programs target Expanding Time and Productivity, Transforming Fear and Stress, Breaking Free from Burnout, Culture and Courageous Communication.

Our programs for teams continue with deep team building in our Team Forums. These expertly facilitated peer groups overcome dysfunction and build connection by building trust and empathy as colleagues address the non-tactical issues holding them back. This is a way to build on learnings from our assessments and Breakthrough programs.



For high-value and high-leverage players in organizations we offer one-on-one coaching with our diverse team of executive coaches. From C-suite award winners, to thought leaders, and subject matter experts, Good Startups coaches bring real-world experience, seasoned coaching skills and empathetic confidentiality to leaders. And, as always, progress is measured with our scientific pulse assessments.



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Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I’m changing myself.
— Rumi