360 Feedback Assessment

get confidential feedback about your role in the organization from trusted team members & Collaborators

The Entrepreneurial Awareness Assessment tracks how you believe that you and your organization are doing. While this is extremely insightful, it's really only half of the overall picture, because your team members may see things differently than you do. The 360 Feedback Assessment is a major opportunity for you to get valuable feedback on strength areas or blindspots that you were not previously aware of.

How it works

After letting us know which team members you would like to delver you a 360 Feedback Report, we send each of them a confidential link to the survey, which takes around 15 minutes to complete. Our system aggregates the data and sends you a detailed report of how others perceive your top bright spots and blind spots.


how this benefits you & your organization

Feedback is an extraordinary gift, as it creates trust, clarity, and openness between team members. It also provides you with powerful growth media for self-awareness and self-improvement. As we all strive to be the best that we can possibly be, the 360 Assessment serves by offering you the chance to open the floor to ways that everyone can improve themselves along 18 critical mindset, behavioral, and organizational metrics.


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